Tabtor Math Partners with IBM Watson

Tabtor has integrated with IBM Watson technology to apply cognitive learnings that help educators recommend targeted study materials for each student. “We believe that what we’re doing is beginning to revolutionize the education space and improve US students’ competitiveness in the math discipline,” says Raj Valli, founder and CEO, Tabtor Math. “Supported by IBM Cloudant, Tabtor Math is changing the face of math education for the better. Tabtor Math is actively used in school districts across the US, as well as in homes across the country, bringing math teaching into the 21st century. We are highly confident that our collaboration with IBM Watson will only improve the program and help more children get ahead in math.”

Read the full IBM Case Study here.

About Tabtor Math

Tabtor Math is an educational technology platform for tablets and a leader in personalized math tutoring for students in grades K-8.  Tabtor Math is tailored to every child by a dedicated, virtual tutor using patent-pending digital-paper technology that allows sharing and review of handwritten work, automatic grading, video tutorials, mind-mapping abilities, and adaptive analytics. The award-winning Tabtor Math platform is used in private and public schools in the United States and India, and has over 60,000 registered users across 12 countries.