We don't have a set recipe for how we work with companies.

We offer a highly flexible set of deal structures, from minority investments to complete buyouts. We can structure deals to accommodate owners planning to exit or seeking liquidity, businesses seeking long-term growth capital, minority investments with buy-back options, or buyouts staged over time. Given our long-term, value focused investment partners, we have no limitations on how to structure our investments to help you accomplish your goals.

We invest patient, long-term capital into family and founder-owned businesses where we can help accelerate value creation. We focus on companies in industrial markets seeking growth capital or turnaround expertise.

Company Characteristics

  • Revenues between $1 million and $20 million
  • EBITDA < $2 million
  • High growth or turnaround potential
  • Diverse customer base
  • Sizable aftermarket sales potential
  • Founder or family-owned

Market Characteristics

  • Growing or stable market >$1 billion in size
  • Fragmented with a large number of small players
  • Multiple levers for differentiation
  • Tiered market / competitive structure
  • Industrial & manufacturing focused