We work closely with business owners to create and execute the ideal solutions for their specific company.

Need help climbing out of financial or operational pitfalls? Looking for a partner willing to invest in growth opportunities?  If you’re open to leveraging our in-depth operations management and strategic expertise in your business, then Thompson Capital Partners may be a good fit for you. Combined with our exclusive network of family office and high net worth individual investors, we are the complete solution for your business’ financial and operational challenges.

We are not a faceless private equity fund.

Our team and investor network are successful business executives and entrepreneurs who intimately understand the challenges of running a business. Our entire partnership is focused on creating sustainable value, rather than quick returns from financial engineering gimmicks. Managing and investing in businesses to create long-term performance is at the heart of every decision.

We don’t step into any investment with a specific exit strategy in mind—or with a clock ticking on a fund’s lifetime.

We focus on executing sound business strategies without setting specific exit requirements.  Funds have short lifespans while we and our network of investors seek to optimize value creation over longer timeframes that may include an eventual exit or continuing to grow and improve a business for decades.